Hope in Times of Illness: When You Feel Worthless

When you get sick, there is a sudden change in your abilities. One day you are actively participating in family, work, school, and hobbies.  And the next day you struggle to do the things you love.  You may find your abilities lessened or even stolen completely by a silent enemy.

You may feel like a shadow of your former self.  You may feel like an invalid, a cripple, a burden.  You may hate the person you have become.

In these moments, remember that inside you are still the same person.  Inside you still have the same soul, the same spirit.  You are tired and weary now, and that is okay.  

It is okay to rest when you are fighting.  It is okay to accept help.  It is even okay to ask for help. You are not any less of a person for needing help, you are not any less you when you are resting towards recovery.

Remember that your worth and value have not changed in the eyes of God.  You are still His precious child and He loves you every bit as much now as He did as when you were well.  Christ died on the cross for the resting warrior that you are every bit as much as He died for the healthy person you used to be.

God is neither surprised nor disappointed in your “lack” of ability.  You are serving God even now by living out your faith and trusting Him during this difficult trial. He is crafting in you a powerful testimony of faith under trial.

You may not be up to missions trips, Bible studies, or even attending church, but you are able to and have more time than ever for a ministry of prayer for others. As long as you have the ability to think, you have the ability to serve God.

You are not worthless, even in your darkest moments. Your value has never changed in the eyes of God.

Hang in there fighters!


If you would like to reach out to me directly for prayer or encouragement, I can be reached at Lymelightfight@gmail.com


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