Spending My Day at the Cross [poem]

I wrote this poem back on 11/21/2010. Spending My Day at the Cross Today I feel below my usual me. My stomach hurts and I feel sick. I'm coughing, sneezing, and I have a headache. But that's okay with me, really! It's alright, you see; All this illness, all this pain, Just makes me come... Continue Reading →


Hope in Times of Illness: When You Feel Worthless

When you get sick, there is a sudden change in your abilities. One day you are actively participating in family, work, school, and hobbies.  And the next day you struggle to do the things you love.  You may find your abilities lessened or even stolen completely by a silent enemy. You may feel like a... Continue Reading →

Out of the Shadows of Anonymity

Hi..... So for the past five years I have kept this blog, I have chosen to remain anonymous. I did this because back when I started there was still such a strong stigma against lyme disease. And at the time I was pursuing a career in healthcare and I didn't want to inhibit my prospects... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Illness #3 Overcoming Fear

I'll never forget what it felt like to first come down with Lyme disease.  I had an onset of physical symptoms; a mysterious pain that moved up and down and all over my body and severe chest pains.  But along with those physical symptoms came the even more agonizing and crippling psychological symptoms of Lyme. ... Continue Reading →

Relapse from last year

I wrote this post back in October of 2017 when I relapsed with Lyme Disease. Thankfully I recovered again after pursuing treatment with my Lyme doctor. This post is a little window into the struggle of fighting Lyme. When I stopped Lyme treatment last year, I had hoped to close that chapter of my life;... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy with a Chronic Illness

I recently brought into the world my first child.  Pregnancy came with its own host of symptoms that made life uncomfortable at times.  From nausea to fatigue and smelling weird smells, pregnancy kept me on my toes! At the same time as dealing with my pregnancy, I was constantly worried that my health would impact... Continue Reading →

How to Help

I wrote this post in 2013 but had not published it.  Please see below, written from my 2013 perspective when I was still in the middle of my fight with Lyme Disease. 1. Learn about Lyme.  This is not me requesting to be constantly pestered with questions about Lyme.  (See What Not to Say).  However; it... Continue Reading →

Joyful Watchful days

My baby continues to grow and develop beautifully. These have been the most joyous days of my life. She can smile and coo and she laughs in her sleep! 🙂 She loves to dance under her spinning mobile and she loves to sleep. 🙂 We recently went to an appointment with my Lyme doctor. It... Continue Reading →

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