Life update

Hello my readers! It has been quite a while since I updated you all with my life. I have good reason though, I promise! Several bits of news for you: 1) I caught mono and have been fighting the effects of fatigue while trying to keep up with my day to day responsibilities. 2) (most... Continue Reading →

Simplify Healthy Eating: Why You Need an Instant Pot

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In keeping with the integrity of my site, I will only post links to books or products that I have personally used and recommend.   "You need to eat healthier" has been the ever repeated advice my doctor has given... Continue Reading →

How to pray for a friend with a chronic illness

  I am writing this post directed to those people around a person suffering with chronic illness.  Whether you are the parent, spouse, friend, or coworker, the illness affecting the sick person affects you too.  If you haven't walked through a longterm illness yourself, you cannot understand fully the experience that your friend is going... Continue Reading →

8 Tips to Survive Your Wedding with a Chronic Illness

When I look through my wedding photos I see stunning images of a beautiful bride and handsome groom with all their well-planned decorations perfectly displayed.  Our photographers, makeup and hair stylists, seamstresses, and on-site coordinators resulted in gushingly beautiful photos of our ceremony, reception, first dance, tea ceremony, and much more.  The photos are a... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on my 11 Year Lyme Journey

11 years ago this week I contracted Lyme disease.  I was 15 years old, energetic, happy, looking forward to college, and planning to be a missionary to Thailand.  I traveled a lot that summer and never found the tick bite, so it's unclear when exactly I was bit.  It was most likely at my high... Continue Reading →

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